Why is this not a draw?

It is winning position for white. Because h8 and f8 square is black. And white has a black bishop. It controls the squares. Black must sacrifice white bishop to pawn. The last pawn which is not important will be a queen.


With regards to timeouts (and automatic draws), it does not matter whether the position is winnING.

All that matters is that it is winnABLE.

KB vs KB with opposite colored bishops is winnable for both sides even if that's normally very unlikely (but probabilities do not matter for timeouts and autodraws).

KB vs KB with same colored bishops actually automatically ends in a draw as there is no way to mate left.

It is a drawn position but it is irrelevant. Time out means loss as long as a mating sequence of moves exists, no matter forced or not. It has nothing to do with computer (not) recognizing a drawn position. Over the board it would be a loss all the same. If you play by FIDE rules, that is. If bishops were of the same color, it would be a draw.

Again, from the intent of the original poster... How is K+B vs K+B on opposing colors 'winnable'?


The correct answer to this has already been given in #2.

59. Bb4 Kh7
60. Kf6 (Kxf7 = autodraw) Bg8
61. Bc3 Kh8
62. Kg6#


Why would black move into checkmate when you dont need to?

It's a draw, checkmate is impossible


Checkmate is NOT impossible (exactly 0% chance), just improbable (only around 0%).
And to repeat: The timeout rule demands possibility of a mate (any possibility, no matter how dumb the opponent must act!), not probability.