Why is this not a draw?

So, I just played this. In the final seconds black took my last pawn, leaving K+B vs K+B, meaning neither side can win. Then I timed out. But why did the computer think I lost? (Anyway, I thought bullet rules said you need to have sufficient material to mate to win...)

Ah OK, it's like in the Carlsen vs. Firouzja match. Thanks for clarifying that!


ok... it's a draw in classical class, but a computer can't recognize a drawn position...
hence, here the game continues until time out, and a loss

It would have been a loss in classical chess as well as IM Josh Friedel lost Rook versus Knight in Bavaria. He learned the rules the hard way.


Who plays without time control?

However, in time controles with increment, it will indeed soon end in a draw (either 3-fold repetition or 50 moves). It still is not an automatic one (online, otb one could call the arbiter).

i guess this is the point the original poster was making.......

from the position.. it's a draw