Why do I keep losing

@PrimalPotatoMine the same happens to me a lot I am about to win and I blunder my queen/piece and lose it is a part of chess so don't worry
Side Note:- Dont capture away from the centre unless forced

@PrimalPotatoMine I will try my best for you :)
1) Start playing some real openings. I mean, for real, what is 2.e3? I generally suggest starting with 1.e4 and playing an Italian Game when possible. No offense to 1.d4 players, but I really discourage playing it as a beginner.
2) Try to avoid one-move blunders like 37.Rh8+?? and always double-check that you don't accidentally hang a piece.
3) Solve puzzles to train your tactical play.
4) Avoid over-complicating a position. If you are up material, trade. If it's equal material, try to open the board to your advantage.
5) Watch instructive youtube videos. They can take you at least 200 points up.
6) Be patient. Progress comes in time. When you lose, try to control your anger. If you are tilted, stop playing and go for a walk to clear your mind.
7) Don't worry about your rating. It means nothing. Don't worry about losing. It also means nothing. Enjoying your game should be your top priority.
8) Have faith in yourself!!! You are awesome for playing this awesome game!

it's ok to lose though just practice and you'll be good! :D

If you want to improve, then stop playing so much bullet and blitz. I also saw you play a lot of variants.

Blitz and Bullet require fast thinking but i recommend playing rapid if you just starting out. :D Some Variants are hard like horde or atomic or other. You can also do puzzles :D!

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