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  3. Why can't I insight on casual games?

I don't play rated games... Why can't I insight on the casual games??!?!?!?! :~(

what do you mean?!

Because casual games are deemed to be less serious. People tend not to take casual games seriously, they're more "just for fun", thus they are not used to analyse a player's strengths and weaknesses.

You should play rated games if you want insights on your games. Otherwise there's no way to truly analyse your play.

Clarkey: You are an idiot. The computer algorithm doesn't give a shit if it's casual or not. Insights are still valuable. People just don't throw games because they are casual. Some people are not in to the egotistical useless competition so they play casual. To penalize them based on some asinine statement, assumption, or bias is ridiculous.

@Augustice Instead of insulting him for no reason you should maybe try to read what he wrote. "People don't take casual games as seriously." This is definitely true. E.g. if I want to play against someone and give him piece odds I would play him in casual and just give him the piece up. Should that count into the stats of whatever first move I played there? Definitely not. I might play some simul and overlook a lot of things. Should that tell me opening X is bad for me? No!

"Some people are not in to the egotistical useless competition so they play casual."
Congratulations, you completely missed the point of a rating system. It's not to "win" rating or whatever, it's to approximate your strength to match you with a player of equal strength to give both of you an interesting game.
(note, if you just want to screw around you wouldn't play rated for that reason: it would mess up the rating system; so you play casual instead, even the name "casual" literally describes that it's exactly that)

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