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  3. Why am I losing these games?

I get a super strong attack out the opening and in 5 minutes I can't find the win - it's like I fold under pressure - when i'm not even under pressure. More time needed on tactics? These type of games make me feel like a retard. Chess is so annoying at times.

yep yep
yeah yeah
more puzzles
puzzles galore

tactics trainer
train tactics
solve someone else's game.

miss the obvious
the obvious check
miss the mate
in front of my eyes

there is training to do
puzzles to solve
and questions to ask.

13. 0-0 and my worries are over
13. the obvious Bf4+ leads to forced mate, but why bother when I have puzzles to solve?

Thanks dude. So hit the tactics trainer and I should be all good. My openings are pretty good. I just can't secure the win.

no Dude
just the opposite
forget the trainer
it's messing ur head.

ur training on another game
one that you did not play
nor understand
how the position was reached.

Chess is all about the moment
the moment you are in
thinking about what should be played
and you'll never be ur own player.

hey !
maybe it was a poor selection
but it was my move
and mine alone.

I'm going to a shrink now
to have my head examined
giving advice to 2Q
what am I thinking?

must be too many games
too many years
to really give a damn ...
good luck and good chess.

You missed several checkmates in one and in two moves. Revisit your games with the learn from your mistakes feature.

without looking at it with a computer, i would have 0-0ed on move 14, then Bf4, Rac1, Rad1. With that King he should anyhow collapse soon.

So you disobeyed the rule: Everybody wants to join the party ;-)

To me the most basic mistake was failure to castle before going in for the kill. Opponent was able to gain a crucial tempo with the Qa5 check and at the same time you lost your castling rights.

@calstover Those checks are meaningless and only worsen Black's position. White's attack is crushing and almost any move will win. The player simply missed several checkmating sequences.

@NeverBeenTimid #1
I think you might be putting yourself under pressure, and/or... having time management issues (Like I do, playing too fast, or spending too much time for one move in blitz).
8.Bf7xg8 is 1-0, and later on you could play it as well.

Why not go slowly through the later games of Capablanca ?
Some time ago I was at a workshop by GM Matthew Sadler, and he said that he did that for his only preparation for a top tourney (Where he manage to get a good result against Kramnik).
Capablanca was a chess genius who makes chess seemingly look very easy (and apart from that he was the blitz chess king at that time). Same goes for Bobby Fischer. Crystal clear style, awsome technique. Inspiring imho.

Gl & hf !

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