Where did I go wrong?

Hello guys, I lost this game (unfortunately), but besides an eccentric opening I also made the most varied moves and combinations, even if meaningless. It is a style of psychological chess, or as most call it, suicidal lol. I would like to ask you who has the highest rating, where did I go wrong and where would I improve this match? Because the delivery of the lady for three smaller pieces I thought it was great. Thank you all.

(PS: If you see the post and make a funny or silly critic, it will be blocked and just wasting your time, hug.)

7 Nd5 you give up a piece for nothing
11 b4 you trap your own queen
17 Bc8 has no use it stands worse than on b7, where it is safe from Rh8. You had to defend pawn g4 with h3.

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