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  3. When you play not to have fun, but to try to trick and humiliate people...

And it backfires :)
Of course he still thought he had to be arrogant in the chat, because, why not...

Madbishop1966:i had to try
kiseiju: no you did not
kiseiju: you could play chess
kiseiju: ;)
Madbishop1966: That is how I begin to break jokers like you down

Apologies for the rant post :)

naja, das gits ab und zue.

I don't understand this. He just gave his bishop away. So you took it? What's the trick? Also why did you not take his queen in move 26? Not taking the queen seems pretty arrogant

He gave me the bishop hoping for a premove, that did not happen. Just because, why try to win a game of chess on the board. Hustling is allowed of course, but was the insulting later in the chat that bugged me

Not taking the queen was premoving into exchanging into a won endgame. I was on autopilot by then, and 1 0. Sorry for not being perfect ;)

I just saw that it is a bullet game. So that explains all the pre-move talk, makes more sense now.

Yeah, of course I would not upset at a lower rated played dropping a piece because he just did not see it. But @Madbishop1966 was clearly trying to bet on a premove, and that was quite sad. Why play a game if you're not trying to enjoy it? That's a mystery to me

Nothing major of course. Just ranting, as I said

Being tricked & humiliated basically describes my last marriage. :/

@ColostomyBag hahaha.

I don't think there is anything wrong with being tricky and bitchy from time to time, nonetheless, I've noticed it just doesn't work after you hit certain level.

Play for pre-moves is logical in short time controls. Don't hate it, it's part of the game.

I don't hate it per se; I dislike it when it is unmotivated