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  3. When trying new things go wrong

I learned the trick to create a passed pawn a while ago and was excited to finally get a position where I could showcase my knowledge and superior end game skills.

It loses immediately lol. At least I did create a passed pawn. Just a shame it lost me the game.

If the Kings can stop the passed pawns - no that ain't work.

Caution: furthermore, with absent Kings, the pawns have to be on the 5th rank at least, not on the 4th like yours. Because Black is equally fast in that case either.

PS: in your game, I would have "stalemated" White on h1, then White has to move b4, ...cxb4, c5, ...b3, cxd6, ...b2, dxc7, ...b1Q#

Excellent advice and feedback Sargon, thank you.

No prob, actually I have paid my dues. ;-)

One further advice on that: You should nevertheless move 1.g3 in such cases and take back symmetrically - only-move to prevent the opponent from using this trick.

1.g3!= w - - 0 0

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