What went wrong I need some advice.

I was better most of the game and then I let it slip away and this happens everytime play this person. I could use some advice on this game. I'm playing with White its an OTB game.

Everytime when I see fxg3 I think there’s a lot of work to be done...

You have to have really good reasons for not moving towards the center.

I don’t like the premature Nxd7 either. By swapping everything you won’t win anything.

I would say that the draw happened because you allowed too many exchanges. You were doing much better positionally because of your more active pieces, and more space. A good rule of thumb is to avoid exchanges if you have more space and better minor pieces because more exchanges takes off your good pieces and gives the opponent more space to maneuver.

10. Ne4 allowed black to exchange off the knight on f6 and then gain time by moving the second knight to f6 while attacking the rook. This freed up the d7 square for black, making the queen more active and gaining more space.

17. Qxf6 was an unnecessary queen exchange that should have been avoided because white has an active rook on e4 and lead in development, so white should keep the queen in order to attack files with the queen and rooks.

Qxf6 moved the game into a rook endgame, which makes it much easier for black to force a draw, because even with a better position or even extra pawn, it is theoretically drawn.

I would suggest that you play more actively with your pieces and avoid accepting exchanges so early in the game.

Having looked at some of your other games as well, I would suggest you focus on improving your pawn game.

@Sarg0n thanks for the comment about fxg3 I will not make that mistake again.
@ Tmac310 thanks for your advice your correct I should keep my pieces and made it to easy for black to draw by exchanging.
@Morozov I noticed this a few weeks ago when I lost a lot of endgames and started to study Capablanca, but pawn play is a hard nut to crack.

Thank you all for your wonderful advice I really appreciate the feedback.

@Morozov Wat yt tutorials do you refer too I would be very interested in watching those for sure because pawnplay is not covered so much in videos or books.

There were a lot of suboptimal decisions from both wasn't a single thing. I did not analysed with engine, but just by looking at it I did not see any moment where you had decisive advantage, just small one. And you did not put any pressure to increase the advantage exploring your opponents just ignored, for instance the weak h pawn, you never tried to explore it. Then you just trade pieces without a clear goal...

Yeah, I didn't want to be to harsh, but you had no clue. The engine evaluation was rather an euphemism. Sry!

Play many thousands of games, get experienced step by step. This was just a tiny part of a million. Good luck!

@etaLaskera I would be very interested how a high rated player like yourself would exploit the h pawn weakness. At the moment the pawn became weak (move 17 gxf6) I only have a bishop left on a different color then the h-pawn and I attack it with the rook but black defends it with his rook. Would you attack it with both rooks, would that be the strategy to go all in to get the h pawn?
Thanks for your reply :-)