What to do?

I just finished this game and I was wondering what i could've done better. I analyzed it, and the only thing i got from that was that i shouldnt have let that knight open up the b-file (move 18) and shouldn't have risked my queen at the end.

On move 18 you let him destroy the position of your king. Instead N:e4 with d3+ wins a clean pawn.

Haha did you read my description...

You need to play slower... you missed a lot of good moves like move ten. This is a 5+0 game, you have time to think

Move 29.Qxh6+!! then rxc6 you couldeve easily lost like that, but gg!

@wolfCR there is not much to say, you played it well. Thats how to play against this stuff. White had problems due to his weaknesses c3 and e3. Yes, tactically there may have been something possible for both players but the strategy of black was sound, and the strategy of white was not so sound (2.d3?!, 3.f4?!).

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