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I have already crossed level 7 but I am still prone to mistakes..

4...g6? is bad, in the sicilian, you ALWAYS take cxd4 if white plays he's pawn to d4.

To improve : On this site go to LEARN- Practice. Focus on the section basic tactics, repeat once a week or more.

Get Tarrasche's book "500 games". Get a nice real sized tournament board and pieces, and play through every game in the book from Tarrasche's perspective, old school method, by hand. Don't try to overanalyze anything, just play through the beautiful games and let the patterns sink in. This will take some time but one can easily go through 2-4 games per day and will be the best training for you.

Get the app Chess tactics for beginners(ChessKing),pay for the whole app, it's cheap and very good, and focus first and foremost on section Winning Material, 15mins per day, and repeat it often.

Other than that stay away from too many apps,youtube videos(that's passive learning and wishful thinking) and don't play against computers too often. Play longer games here on lichess, at least 15+15 or 30+10. Let the server analyze your losses and look at the positions where you made blunders and mistakes, it's painful but it helps.

Best improvement in chess comes when you realize that YOU need to do it, not get spoonfed on youtube. Work the slow old school way, a good book,good board and hand. Better play won't happen over night anyway, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Mkaayy?! :)

Read some chess classics. "My system" by Nimzowitsch is often recomended to beginners

Wrongly so. That book is way too hard for someone that hasn't grasped basic tactics yet.

Tartakower collected the 500 games. I agree old school going thru games, especially your own. Use the chessbase type apps to help reset the board. I used to move 10 moves blindfold, write down what i thought was the position, then make the moves on the board, set my clock for 5 minutes and study the position like it was my game. but that was a long time ago, before electricity.

@Sneakmasterflex #2
>> in the sicilian, you ALWAYS take cxd4 if white plays
>> he's pawn to d4.

Not correct. Check master games.
In some Sicilian defense positions black does not always take on d4.
Here's almost 6000 games with this line, see for example this GM game :

Umm... In that game black played cxd4 a move later than normally,
but he still played it, unless I'm hallucinating :)

he didnt seem to appreciate your help,since he is still playing against computers

Endgame study & endgame exercises: Alot of nice endgame studys can be found on you-tube/ The Lomonosov tablebase is good for exercises and google play has an endgame app.

Tactics training... 1 to 2 hours a week.

Only play games against a machine: avoid human play.

Survey top rated masterlevel games ( don't spend more than 10 minutes studying a single game... try to survey 100 games a week.)

Don't worship or emulate past masters... it is about the game, not the player. ( chessbooks are overrated. ) JMO.

I disagree. I think playing against humans is great, as long as they are a little bit stronger than you are.

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