What do you say about this game?

I forgot to mention, I am not a good player(you probably figured it out already)

Quite a few blunders but a very satisfying checkmate. I would recommend analyzing your games after you play them.

@ewson I do analyze my games on my own but this time I wanted others opinion because there are some things which I dont see(Some computer moves go over my head)

Naice! The final position, shows that black hasn't developed any of his pieces.

You both played too fast. At the end of this 30+0 time control you have 18 useless minutes left on your clock so you played as if it were 15+0 time control. That explains the blunders.
11 Qf4+ fizzles if he defends 11...Nf6: you stay a piece down. You had to capture 11 Nxe4.