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  3. Weirdest Checkmating Sequence?

Would anyone like to share some weird mates they've had?

@Folandro #1
Crazy nice!

I didn't think I had something similar, but this fresh game comes close :

one time i did the checkmate with the knight and i started screaming like a baby beacause i had just sacrificed the queen. and then i released a lot of dopamine and it appered like i was on drugs. so what happened?? my mum sent me to a reabilitation hospital thinking that i was on drugs and for this reason i started playing snooker. hope you understand the message!! bye!!

BTW, achja’s example is also a perfect mate, that is, for each hypothetical king move there is exactly one reason it isn’t possible.

Start playing crazyhouse and you'll be spotting, and making, the weirdest checkmating sequences. 3 minor pieces are worth a king extraction to g4. The smothered mate is delivered in like one in ten games.

Random example :
Notice in particular how good is @e6.

A mate in 20 that Stockfish found while I was analyzing a crazyhouse game for someone:

Note how almost all of white's pieces, including the ones he captures, participate in setting up the mate: only the two rooks on a1 and f1, the king, and the pawns on c2 and g2 are idle. The knight's journey from h8 to a3 is also very nice.

Not really a weird mate I'm just proud of it :P

This one too

Quite a nice looking checkmate finish here, isn't it ?

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