Way to win?

Hi all, so recently I have been practicing Dutch Stonewall opening and would really appreciate if you could help me analyze the this particular game. I've made a terrible blunder which I noticed immediately afterwards but it was already too late so I resigned. So please feel free to criticize as much as you want and point out the things I could improve. Thank you!

You gave a much higher rated opponent a tough fight, that is good first of all.

Two things after quicky clicking through the game: Once you have been forced to play 2...g6 it doesn't make much sense going for a stonewall setup afterwards. With your pawn already on g6 go for instance ...Bg7, ...d6, ...e5, depending on his setup of course.

After cxd5 in most cases it is considered an achievement for White if Black has to take back ...cxd5 (since this often helps White ces to invade on the queenside/c file). You want to go ...exd5 and you want to prevent him from from forcing you to go ...cxd5 (generally speaking, as always in chess and life it depends on the concrete circumstances).

I agree with #2, in the Stonewall you don't want to have your pawn on g6. This weakens the dark squares and makes typical ideas such as Rf8-f6-h6 or Bc8-d7-e8-h5 difficult to implement.

In your f5,e6,d5 pawn formation, d6 seems to be a more active spot than e7 for the f8 Bishop.

everything #2 said is pure gold.
I personally hate the stonewall, but Botvinik has some neat games with it, and more recently Yusupov if you want to check them out, of course you can find more recent stuff too, but maybe start with the classic ideas

Thank you guys, really appreciate your help! :)

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