Very strong bullet game 2000 vs 2400

This is indeed remarkably strong for a bullet game.

Its clear that white cheated i.e. used software assistance!
No blunders, no mistakes, just 1 inaccurencie
The player Klip98 should be temporarely banned

Yeah, it's rare to see only 2 inaccuracies in a bullet game but I don't think he's cheating, good game OP..

Its very rare, indeed only 2 inaccuracies ... zero mistakes, zero blunders, his play is like an engine
I believe he did cheat!

....and not to forget the 400 elo difference !!!

Bearing in mind that the time control is 45 seconds+ 3 seconds per move, not 1+0, it is possible. Not everyone who defeats a high rated player is a cheater. It's clear Klip is a good player, so I don't believe he is cheating.

Well Alain, thanks for hating buddy, that's a very serious compliment for my playing strength right there, comparing me to an engine. :D