Very nice game culminating in a queen sacrifice
I think this is one of the best games I've ever played. White had a space advantage througout the game and I exploited it by restricting the movements of all of black's pieces. Eventually on move 14 I was threatening a Bxh6 sacrifice, so black prevented it by playing the weakening move g5, after which I was ready to open the position on the kingside, first preparing with g4. Black came up with a clever defence 23...Nbc4, but this allowed me to play a very nice queen sacrifice, exploiting the fact that the rest of my pieces were still pointing at black's king.

Unfortunately though it's not much of a queen sacrifice as I would have had a rook and 2 minors for a queen and two pawns. I am also a bit annoyed at having missed the obvious 15.Qd3. Still it is quite nice I think

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