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  2. Game analysis
  3. Two Questions in KID Samisch

1) According to Stockfish, castling long at move 9 is an inaccuracy. Are there any tips when should White castle?

2) And also when should white play Bh6 to swap off the dark square bishop?

Any KID experts? Thanks for enlightenment!

I often face problems with the above two moves. Either I do it too early or too late.

(Btw the opponent resigned when he was winning. He probably didn't see Ne8.)

When black plays ...c5, you are transposing into a type of modern benoni. More important is to prevent black's queenside expansion with ...b5. Instead of playing 11. h4, you should have played 11. a4 to clamp down the queenside.

Before you go o-o-o, Bh6, h4, you should develop Bd3 and Nge2 so as to connect your rooks and have knight and bishop available.

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