Traxler Counterattack considered as serious mistake.

In my game at move 4 (4... Bc5) Stockfish regards this as a mistake. I don't agree with this cause this is the Traxler Counterattack, a good attack. Can anyone tell me why this is?

Thanks for now, golbeard.

If white would play queen to e2 on last move you would end without a rook and very weaken kingside.

If you would play knigth to f2 it still wouldn't be good becouse he could pin you knight to queen if you would taken the bishop you would lose the knight and next the rook and after his threat of a mate

I once had a game where my oponnett pined my queen and knigth with protected pawn and it was key to my mate without loseing one of pined pieces.

This opening is a gambit. Computers don't tend to like those unless they see a way to regain the material or mate.

oh yes sorry forget all my post it's late here i wasn't thinking clear

And what do you think queen to f1 for white last move?

The whole gambit is kinda dubious though it's also very complicated. After Bxf7 white has a close to be winning game.

The computer also doesn't like it because it does not calculate deeply enought. If you take stockfish from your computer you'll see completely different variations than the lichess-stockfish would give you.

I'm so glad this is a topic!

This is a game I played back in 2011. I had studied the Traxler for about a week before I decided to give it a try.

The Traxler in modern day Chess can easily be considered dubious, but you can use it as a valuable weapon against club players who have never seen it before. I find it fun to play in Blitz Games.