Throwback: slightly unusual Bxh7! in the French

@Sarg0n yes but Qd3 follows the exact same idea, it is just another path to get there, if black would close the f-file you would still go over the h-file... I really don't understand the dislikes on my comment, this is the exact same idea as the greek gift, it's not the same but it is the same idea... seems like you aren't allowed to have such opinion, ridiculous

I usually play 4...h6, and if White captures the knight i recapture with the queen. If he backs off, I consider what to do next.

I figure h6 will prevent any annoying knight advances later.

1500-level thoughts :P

@bugcat2 You're right, h6 is a common way to prevent this sacrifice. It doesn't always work but then again, nothing does.

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