This is what happens when you refuse to accept takeback


I do know what a mouseslip is and like a takeback, which you have also accused me of not knowing what that is too, the clue is in the name.
Since the start of this thread you have taken aim at me with belligerent comments at almost every turn, whether it has been saying I don't understand what something is, or what it's purpose is or whether you just wanted to have a go at me because I have a lower rating than you - which you did have a go a few comments back.
Also you tried to say that a takeback was the online version of the J'adoube rule - this is just not true, false, incorrect - they are not closely similar at all - which leads me to believe that despite the dizzy heights of your own rating - you actually have demonstrated that you are unfamiliar with how it works.
You then went on to say that a takeback is in the interest of a competitive game, again this is just contradictory. It is in fact the total opposite - it is in the interest of a friendly or casual game(training games are the primary purpose of this tool).
If you do want to make an offline comparison to the mouseslip thing i'll clear it up for you - It is most similar to the rule of removing your hand from the piece after you have positioned it on the square( you are not allowed to retract this move unless it is an illegal move)

There is no fancy name for this rule, it is not J'adoube - as you claimed a mouseslip was.

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