The power of 4 minor pieces!

I gained one tempo after another on the queen, in the end I had developed all 4 minor pieces while my opponent had not developed at all. This shows how powerful this advantage can be. Best game I've ever played. Thank you for all the mating exercises lichess community :)

Neglecting development, especially in long time controls/correspondence is equal to resigning after the first move. Well played!

What in the world is white doing? Seems like he forgot the very first thing you learn as a beginner - development.

This is what happens when you mistreat your queen, you won t mate you will get mated.

If black took the queens rook off at the start I'd have thought it was a Paul Morphy game. Nicely done.

Nicely done, this is a beautiful game~ ^^ (; Your opponent had that coming for continually putting their queen in places where one of your knights could throw punches at it in one move >;3 I've manually put together a .gif of this game using a custom board display that I designed not too long ago, because this game caught my interest. What do you think of my custom display?:

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