The Hungarian? I had no Idea ...

Someone who plays regular Hungarian and can help you better is @MohammadAayanKhan , I hope he doesn't mind, but may tell you some more facts.
Also this game ended very fast, first he needs to give the bishop, then doesn't find g6, easy win boilingfrog!

#1 - Hungarian Opening AKA 'Benko's opening', after GM Paul Benko. :]
1.g3 "can, and usually does, transpose into almost any other opening in which White fianchettos his king's bishop".[1] Included among these are the Catalan Opening, the King's Indian Attack and some variations of the English Opening (copy& paste) Wiki

Hungarian/Benko opening is 1. g3 aiming to play Bg2, e4, d4 and Ne2.
Hungarian defence is when after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 black plays 3...Be7.

I also faced benko opening recently. and i also felt totally lost (currently i learn to play french opening as black, which is of no use here). so i did some digging, and i found, that if you answer with 1. e5 2. d5 you got the center and avoid white going to e5. so next time i will play like this, and then do rapid development+castling: Nf6, Bd6, O-O and i guess the position will be a solid starting position.

only then would i play c6, i think black played this move too early. too many pawn moves when she could develop. the pawn on d5 was already protected by queen. black can relax, when whites bishop goes g2.

white will then probaly go for d5, but thats no problem. at this point black will have a rock solid position and white will probably also be out of his preparation at our low level. time to fight :)

Very interesting replies, thank you all.

My idea as white for move 1 of this game was to create a strong positional imbalance and then achieve control of the center by outplaying my opponent.

Unfortunately, it seems there may have been some degree of panic-attack involved with his last couple moves ...

Fighting for the center does indeed seem to be one of the themes of this hypermodern opening.