the computer gives +1 for white in a drawn endgame.

ok so I just played a game that probably neither me or my opponent is very proud of. Lots of unforgivable blundering, and you can tell we weren't very focused. I just wanted to get that out of the way lmao. So what I'm really interested in is if anyone has a good explanation for why the engine gives +1 for white between move 52 until he queens. white can do literally nothing, I'm just gonna move my bishop along the diagonal for 50 moves? or am I missing something?

I've seen a couple positions already where both players are "stuck" but the engine favours one with more material (probably some coding reasons). If possible, just look at the endgame tablebase to see if the position is drawn or winning for one player.


edit: if engine could see 50 moves in the future it would say the position is equal (0) due to 50 move rule but for now it just sees that after x moves one player still has material advantage

It is included in the endgame tablebase, just click on the small book icon. There you can see god‘s evaluation (draw). Engines alone have problems with fortresses.

right... yeah and that tablebase is really useful. thx.

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