That's how you defeat a 2000 rated player

With moves like that how could you lose a 2000-rated player?

I have never expected to have my highest rated victory look like this. How often 2000 rated players fall for fool's mate and lose to 1300?

It's probably because he doesn't practice forum captchas often enough.

What even is 2...Nd7? Who plays the Pirc and follows up with that move. Odd.

I agree. Forum captchas should be a little more difficult, like mates in 2. By posting here, I get useful practice solving mates in 1 puzzles.
In bullet, players do lots of bad moves and win on time in far worse positions. There is a limit on how bad the moves can be. So, 2...Nb7 is the type of move that promptly loses by checkmate. I don't know why, but Stockfish says 2... Nd7 is a good move. 3... g6 is bad.

@hangrad, there's nothing inherently wrong with Nd7 since the knight does eventually develop there, but it's a strange second move for the Pirc, especially in the face of that bishop play. Someone with a high rating like that, I would expect, would know about Scholar's mate well enough to know better. You're absolutely correct that g6?? is terrible; black could've just played the most common move in the Pirc, Nf6, and white's threat is totally neutralized.