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  3. TataSteelChess round 1 : pawn ending echoes

Pawn endings can be tricky, even for GMs.
Hou Yifan blundered in a pawn ending against Giri

A few years ago (2013) Hou Yifan also blundered in a pawn ending, in the same Petroff defense opening, against Carlsen.

Also at TataSteelChess, Jobava blundering into a pawn ending in 2015

And in 2014 a pawn ending could have been played better :

In the game Anish Giri - Hou Yifan, it's interesting to see that Black had to find forced moves quite frequently compared with White. Some of those moves were not obviously forced at all. Giri correctly assumed that there would remain problems for Black even with limited material and a clear draw in sight. It was his best chance as he had no advantage with White for the whole game.
I thought Black was taking risks with 45...d5, but it is not clear that the statu quo could keep the draw. Having played d5, I thought Black would push 50...d4 to have more than one narrow path to the draw.

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