Suggestions on how to safely convert this

Of course White's sacrifice is unsound, but I still had to sweat a lot during the game. Can you point out unnecessary risks I took and some moves where I could have forced the game to be more mild?

um mm, one that really pops out to me is a seemingly innocent move like 9.Nb6. In positions like this you should be trying to bring more pieces close to you king.

You did great developing your pieces and protecting against big threats. One thing I would say is the position at move 18 is very imbalanced. You have strong center control, up in material, and you have the initiative. However, your king looks less safe and I think instead of 18..Qa5 maybe Rhe8.
It's a two-purpose move: 1) you protect your center and your rook was previously not doing anything, and 2) it keeps your king safer by having the ability to tuck your king away or do a defensive rook lift.

You aren't in a huge rush here. A lot of moves that white makes will make his position much worse e.g. f3 will block his bishop and you can push your pawn. Now wouldn't be a good time to go pawn grabbing.

You held well! However, your mindset in this game was too passive.

On move 17, it seems to me that White is busted and Black should be the one trying to get an attack going. You have the centre and the better pieces, White shouldn't have anything.
My first thought is to play a5, simply intending to crash through the c-file. If White plays a3, queenside castling becomes much more dangerous for them.

On move 18, you should clearly connect the rooks once and for all by moving the Rh8, as it helps with both attack and defence. The rook becomes active, and when your king can go to g8, there is nothing to fear, as you can easily just defend g7 as many times as necessary should it come down to that.

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