StockFish says 10, but I can't see the win

it was chess 960 but at the end we had an interesting end-game.
I was expecting to draw but I don't have lot of theory about end-games so I kept playing.

After 43 ... Kd3 --> I totally knew I could queen before him so I was more happy knowing it was not draw.

However, after 49 Qc6+ I have no idea how I could win in this position. Stockfish says +10, but I can't see how to make real progress; I can't see how black would be forced to lose the pawn on f7; and if they don't lose the pawn on f7, I know for sure its draw...

I finally grab the pawn and let them queen, expecting to can capturate the queen later but in fact it was already draw.

He finally made a mistake (or he wanted than I make a mistake as I was not having many time) and I won, but anyway, after movement 49 I have no idea how to keep playing.

Some help?


After Qc6+, Kd2; You could just simply go back to f6 and grab the pawn because you would attack both f7 and b2

Sometimes the computer will say to move up your pawns, follow these lines and you will end up trading the queen for his and making another queen, GG

@JustTraining #1

The answer is shown in the Stockfish line at move 54.

There it becomes clear that both the black bishop and king have little space, the bishop on b1 is very badly placed, and the black b2 pawn is not as dangerous as it looks like. Black has to deal with checkmate threats from the white queen and king.

In that line : 59.Ke3! threatens checkmate in 2.
Therefore you win the bishop for free.

@Achja #5

Yes, I saw that but what if black simply plays Kb3?

Indeed, I can see than if black makes something wrong, he can be checkmated (I didnt see it during the game); But is there a way to force this checkmate? I had been trying with computer arrows here in lichess and whatever best move he finds for both sides, we are just making rounds without progress

Thank you guys for your answers

you almost had it. after 58. ...Ka3 instead of grabbing f7 59. Qc5! double attack on king and bishop so 59. ..Kb3 forced. then you can bring the king 60. Kd2! and win the bishop with check to trade queens

Seems like stockfish wants you to get to this position to threaten his pawn: and then this position to start pushing g5: (I think the black king can be on either a2 or a3 when you start pushing)

I can't confidently say I understand the position at all but the pattern of stockfish arrows suggest you need to eventually push your kingside pawns and threaten his bishop in the meantime if his king ever strays far from b3.

I just saw this position generally and saw instantly how to win.
This is how I play it against stockfish 8.
1.) first attempt to zig-zag with my queen to the king to get by my king to the pawn failed, because of the opponents bishop protecting the promotion-square. I wanted to try it like 10 moves.

2.) the idiot-strategy works in every case: just take that pawn with your queen. He will have his problems preventing two of your pawns to promote to new queens and you will win that game.
(See continuation)