Sneak Attack- Hanging Queen and Forced Mate in 2

This is a great game with a nasty trap. What y'all think? Just a classic game like every other game or is it worth it to store in my "Best Games" slot? Comments please if you got thoughts.

8 Bxg7 wins a rook
15 Nf5 hangs the queen

I don't think it's called a trap when the opponent hangs 2 pieces + mate.
Even 15. Nh4, or 15. Ne7+ (as likely originally planned to fork the queen) then 16. Nxc8 would stop this "Sneak Attack".
Also, you were not winning until queen blunder and should have lost the full kings rook to 8. Bxg7.
Obviously after hanging the queen in such an open position with no compensation white is dead lost anyhow.

Even after missing the rook, 9. O-O allows white 10. Bxf6 leaving your king wide open and white can still castle queenside and start an attack while you have so many inactive pieces and weak control of the center.

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