Scholar's mate question

Is the opening explorer correct here or is there some kind of malfunction? It's saying the position after black's third move has been reached 93 times and no one saw the mate in one?

I took a look and it seems that only one game was played from this position. I think you must have been experiencing a malfunction.

For me no master games are found after Black's 3rd move.

After White's 3rd move there is only 1 archived game where Black responded with g6:

There is no malfunction. @winstonsmithamm was using the "Lichess" database, rather than the "Masters" database. However, this position has been reached 94 times, rather than the 93 stated.

lichess opening explorer says black has a 53% win ratio with 3... Nf6.
seems like there is a bug.

I think the problem is that the lichess database doesn't include games that are 4 moves long (which is why it seems like Qxf7 has never been played).

In the lichess tournaments you need to play 7 moves I believe for a beserk to count so maybe it's 7 moves at minimum?

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