Sarg0n's fresh blitz games

Actually, I had recently a lot of chess-related things to do including playing (and winning!) some otb tournaments and studying other stuff - besides other (athletic) hobbies... :-)

In short, starting today I am intending to play more often on this server in order to practise and sharpen my skills. Only 5+0, which suits me well. I will post some of the nice and noteworthy games in loose order in this thread.

Let's get started. I just played that one; ACPL 6, 0/0/0 against 2200.

Comments are welcome!

PS: posting #1000!

Your opponent missed a save. He could have justified his first move by playing 19 Rg1, intending to answer 19...Nxd1 with 20 Rxg7+.

Crazy stuff! :) But the humble 19.Qe2 would have let him into play as well, at least enabled him to play on.

19 Qe2 and trading queens leaves you with a substantial advantage, probably enough to win with best play from both sides.

Actually I liked 20.Nxf6, but the engine even calls it a mistake... I am relaxed though, all the "mistakes" were simply not relevant. So keep this mind when analyzing your games here on lichess.

You do realize their is a "follow" feature for players interested in your games?
Why make a thread boasting about wins, posting games when I could simply see all your games in your profile?
I thought this forum was about analyzing games of a particular interest, possibly a TN, and not a place for boasting. My comment. You won't like it. How many games will follow?
(I did not observe a single comment in your posted games giving any "analysis").

Well, I thoroughly decide which games I show here. And I‘ll give some additional infos for my internetional friends. Hope they like it?

So would you please stop trolling? If you are not interested, keep away!

PS: Many games and forum posts will follow for the audience - unless trolling prevails.

Thank you for posting these games here. I especially enjoyed the second one you posted (the semi-slav), as that match went into the endgame. I'm pretty crummy at tactics, but analyzing endgame positions is quite fun.