Sämisch KID

11 h4 is optimistic. Better to close the center first 11 d5 and then attack 12 g4. The problem with the wing attack 11 h4 is the central counterstrike 11 ...exd4 12 Nxd4 Nh5.
Same with 12 g4: better close the center first 12 d5.

Yeah, it would be better closed the center first. The computer played really bad, in the spirit of the KID, It never made a break or something, still with your king in the center. Otherwise, the game was good enough. Altough you had a great advantage, in practical terms, and those oportunities you have to take it. Good game :)

By the way, there are nice tricks in the Nc6 Sämisch delaying castling in order to bamboozle White. Black lost this training‘s Blitz game but the opening was a clear -+. The usual Ne2-c1-b3 is not feasible a tempo down, see game.

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