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  3. Resigning won games

I sometimes think I have blundered and resign the game then the computer tells me I am winning. Does this happen to anyone else? In the game I thought I was losing my Queen and getting mated. Turns out I was better.

sometimes, but not very often
R*c7 and R*c8+ is a motive you should know tough

Losing a queen but getting two rooks for it is a good trade.
So you were right about losing your queen, but not about getting mated.
Even losing the queen and getting a rook and a minor piece is sometimes good.

Due to the mate threat, the queen's traded for two rooks and the bishop.

Yeah I need to learn to evaluate positions. I just resigned without looking at all available options. At the time it looked pretty hopeless. Good lesson though for future games. Thanks for the responses.

Actually, White wins back the queen plus one bishop for his rooks (The move to spot is 28. Ree8, and that might be easy to miss admittedly if you are still at move 25).

However, that was a 3 day correspondence game. Why didn't you take your time to think about your move? I'm not even talking about Rxc7 & Rxc8. You played Be4 in your 24th move - were you seriously surprised that he answers Bxe4? Did you look at the resulting position even once (that's the thing about correspondence chess.. you don't HAVE to calculate everything only in your mind)?

If you play correspondence the same way you play blitz, of course you are going to miss things.

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