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  3. Queen Sac defence

Look at this kamikaze castling - for some reason I thought I defend against three attackers. Completely hopeless and lost but than I saw this pretty queen sacrifice defending xD

Truly amazing! Works because 19...Bxf2 comes with a check. I hope you don't take offense, if I call this lucky.... but awesome for you to have found it in the game!

As a frequent player of the French defense, how did you miss the reply 11...e5 to 11.Ng5 ? You were not on autopilot at that time, your move (11...Nd8) shows some concerned thinking, so you were in the right frame of mind to play the textbook freeing move e5 (with a big plus in this case). White is not going to be able to stop you from castling in short order afterwards.

Did you have an imaginary refutation in mind ? Were you planning something else even though e5 is thematic ? What was your analysis at that time ?

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