Punishing 1. e4

"Ive lost because time"
Play raipd/classical. Also, at #2, you didn't punish 1.e4, but instead the queen hang at 20.g3??

"People should be more creative in openings."
Agreed; you should have many good opening options such as Ruy Lopez, French, Four Knights, Caro-Kann, etc. instead of just Alekhine as Black and Reti as White. Oh wait, these are all reachable with 1.e4!!

Alekhine Defence is sound, but it nowhere punishes 1 e4.

someone said 1...d5 - you have to be kidding. I smile everytime someone plays the Scandi. Playing Nf3 always draws a pause...

@ruzgar9543 I've played Alekhine's Scandinavian Variation, and It's unusual. I know how to deal with it, my opponent, even being 350 points stronger than me, struggled.

The drop of the Queen happened because my opponent was playing fast, and I've decided to try it, but it's a bad move to move the pawn at that point.

I've played Ruy Lopez before, and it's fun, but because almost everyone plays it, I've tried a different opening.
I also play French Defence, but when my opponent moves 1. d4, so I often move 1. e6, and if 2. e4, then I play 2. d5, the french defense.
Four Knights I don't like it, it seems boring and too slow. I like the bishops much more!
Caro-Kann is a good idea! Sometimes I enter into some Caro-Kann lines through the Alekhine, depending on my opponent's moves.

if your opponent don't play the 4 pawns-structure against your opening you are usually in a decent position, but not great. I'd take 1. e4 over your opening any day ;)