Probubly the best positional game I have played on lichess!

I never understood why in such positions would black ever allow doubled pawns, and this particular player also played which is just against all reason. Now he has not only doubled, but also isolated pawns! Lol

@Kusokosla How do you avoid doubled pawns against the Rossolimo? I understand that Qb6, Qc7, and Nd4 are considered somewhat dubious.

Oh, I see, sorry, I always play 2...d6, not 2...Nc6, so I always have an option to block The bishop b5 check with a piece on d7.

Black’s is a blunder thou. Obviously black should just go 7...Be7, or how about 7...c4! Explosive :P

d5 itself is a bad move, this makes his doubled pawns especially weak, de in my opinion makes it worse, but is not the point where the game started to go downhill.

Very well played- especially in blitz

Black "allows" doubled pawns because the pawn on c6 is not a weakness: it cannot be easily attacked, and helps to control the centre (supports the d5 pawn). The "weakness" is actually the a-pawn; but since white can't attack that so easily, it's not really weak, and black hopes to use the half-open b-file to his advantage in return.

The capture ...dxe5 is definitely a mistake. There is nothing really wrong with the move ...d5; black is pretty equal there.

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