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Dear Chess Fans;
Could you help me understanding this position:
from a lichess puzzles

as following: white to play

White Bishop on f5 is hanging
Black Knight on h2 has no safe squares and can be trapped if Rh1 .
so protecting the bishop first then attack the knight or what ?!

if white play Nd4 what should black play ?

Thanks in advance

Yes Nd4 is a good move. Black must probably take ...Rxf5 Nxf4 Ng4 to save his knight.

yes Rook for knight better than , black lose the knight for free.

Black don't need to give up the exchange after Nd4... I think the knight can make an evacuation if you play h5... However black is still screwed eventually after the white rook goes to h1, and wrenches things open forcing the exchange in a few moves.

Another Interesting Position No.2:
King in the Center
White to play:

what you think?!

This is a known pattern.