Poor play from me and my opponent.

Well, lets say that you got really lucky🤣🤣🍀🍀

He did not expect you to hang a piece, so he did not notice.

Funny game!

There's a lot more of the game that amazes me more than the early bishop hang.
After the exchanges in the center, white should play to control the hanging pawns, and look for breaks to alleviate the space advantage. after c4, Black misses the immediate b5, for one. After that, it's just chaos. Black should immediately trade the light squared bishop cause his own bishop is causing problems for him - instead he opts to keep both bishops giving him problems. And Black doesn't want to blockade the hanging pawns. Lucky for Black, after a series of mistakes and failing to grasp the strategy required, White just gives him the c4 pawn. etc, etc. Of course, on move 50 if Black keeps it simple and just trades down it's a straightforward win, but he gives up his rook and then trades queens straight after. I thought the tactic he must've had in mind must have been an in between queen check on b5, winning the queen after. But even if that wasn't available, keeping the queens on would have given him better chances. gg.

hope this helps!

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