pls analyse this game for me, i am white.

i am not advertising my study, cus i don't know how to import a game.

4.Nd5!? develop with 4.d3 or 4.Nge2 is simpler
6.dxc6?! helping B development, giving up center. Straight forward is 6.Nf3 or 6.Ne2
14...Qxe2? is a blunder because your king is weak with queens on board, that`s why 14...Be6! is good.
15.Kxe2? is bad, because you loose one move in development, better 15.Nxe2
18.Nh3?! is bad because you can`t get to good squares with your knight, better and simpler 18.Nf3
24.Kd2 with the idea Ne2-f4 (that`s why not to play pawn f4) with chances for both sides.

Hope this helps!

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