Please explain this supposedly winning line.

It's a tactic to exploit the discovered attack on the king. Basically, after Nh6+ and gxh6, gxh6+ opens a lot of devastating attacks. The line Stockfish shows (Nh6+, Kh8, Nf7+.. ) is black's best response to the line, which ultimately loses material. But If black captures instead like Nh6+, gxh6, gxh6+, Kh8.. you get a nifty move in Bh4 that ends with black in trouble. A quick look at it makes me think black has to sacrifice the queen to avoid mate in 3-4.

That's what I see from it. But I'm sure it would be tough to see in time constraints.

Assuming you are talking about move 26:

You are up 3 pawns (the "d" pawn is passed ... connected to c), up an exchange, and the bishops are both dark-squared (not that it really matters here) but those factors *SHOULD* be winning.

Sorry, maybe I should have been more specific.

Here we go :

* 26.Nh6+

what happens after 26...gxh6 27.gxh6+ Kh8 ?

28.Rg5 threatening Rg8# checkmate fails to Bf8xh6 and both g8 and g7 are covered by black.

So, how does white continue to win ?

And heptagon as well. Thank you ! :)

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