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  1. Forum
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  3. Over The Board 2017/18 - last game of the season

The topic I set up for this year's OTB games has been archived (see for more games), so here's a lightly annotated score for the last game of my season - a draw as White vs 2070 FIDE.

I mis-evaluated a pawn sacrifice moving into the middlegame, but managed not to let my opponent increase his advantage significantly. He was unable to find the best setup for his pieces in the endgame, and eventually no real progress was possible for either side.

Hope you find it interesting - let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Don't think I'd even think about the draw offer there. His bishop is awful, he has weaknesses all over the board, and your king is itching to penetrate the dark squares. And on top of it all if you trade rooks he can pretty much resign.

So for instance playing against Stockfish 9, I came up with: 37. Kd4 b5 38. Re3 Rc7 39. g4 Rc6 40. Bf1 Be8 41. f5! (threat/trap is 41. .. Kf6? 42. Rxe6+ with much more torture to come) Bf7 42. Ke5 exf5 43. gxf5 Rc8 44. Rg3+ Kf8

I mean that's quiet a happy position for white and that's just blitzing out some moves against stockfish defense!

The problem of weaker players I noticed often:

Lacking fantasy what can happen leads to „everything protected thinking“ leads to „no immediate progress feasible“ leads to „instant draw“. People, for this case the Good Lord invented levers (the pawns).

Stronger players don’t know if won or not as well in advance- they just play on and win such positions easy as eating cherry-pie.

Lesson learned: there’s not only a static consideration, the position will collapse soon with a high probability.

@OhNoMyPants @Sarg0n Thanks - you make fair points, and my comment about 'no progress' is probably a bit off the mark, though it was roughly how I felt at that point in the game - that my position was suddenly comfortable and hard to lose, but not easy to win.

Given that position as a starting point with some time on the clock, I'd probably have played on 'for 2 results' to see what happened,- but given 3 minutes on the clock (no increment) and that I'd felt under pressure for quite a lot of the game, I just felt that a draw was fair reward (perhaps the wrong attitude?) !

I looked a second at the position and recognized instantly the white French dream, much better, straightforward, probably little tricks by Black...

Next time go ask yourself when offered a draw: Do I smell a rat?

@Sarg0n #5 - Fair enough :). I won't try to rationalise any further - any thoughts on the rest of the game?!

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