outpost strong square
Notice after I play Nxf4 I see it Qa4! ( better than Nxf4)
I don't like f4 , Nf3 ( black is slightly better ) ( Bd3! Nh6 Qxh5 Bxd3 cxd3 black have edge ) ( Nc3!) Nexd2 ( better Qxf2 ) and Ne4
My mistakes 6. Ne7!? 6. Nh6! ( black is slightly better )
Nxf4?! Qa5+ quick win ( black pawn up and active

Notice 2 4. h5 slightly ( pawn sac ıf white play Bd3 ) ( Nh6 idea strong square g4 ( notice h3? Nf4 idea very strong g3 square) better than e6 (notice white can't play g4)
5. e6?! white have edge Nh6! ( Be2! black have edge ıf white play Bd3 black is slightly better black idea play Nd7 Qb6...)
example match ( after black play Bg4?! white equalize game Notice 9. Nxc5 same position )

6 Bd3 looks wrong. Why white wants to trade his good bishop Bf1 for black's bad bishop Bf5, albeit outside of the pawn chain.

@tpr True Nh6! ( firs play Bxd3 black is slightly better Qxd3 only good move notice cxd3?! Nh6! or Ne7! Nc3! ( Nbd2 !? Nf4 Nb3?! ( Qe2!) a5! double attack)

Analysis 4. f4 depth 41 e6 0.00 ( h5! depth 29 Nc3 ( engine says white is slightly better ) after engine play Nc3 engine says black is slightly better ( chessbase cloud ) -0.33 e6 ( Nh6 Be3 ... Qb6 cloud moves Qc1!? black slightly better because white can't play c4 e6 2 game in database ( correspondence chess 1 game black wins Morozevich 1/2 1/2 2700 rated players blindfold ) ( cloud black is slightly better ) ( white have bad bishop , weak squares but more space and ıf white can play Qc1 aganist Qb6 generally white is slightly better) -0.05 ( depth 35 ) ( no h5 )

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