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  3. Opponents who just disappear when the win is inevitable

Just played a member rated almost 500+ more than me, I got a pretty much winning position, but instead of playing the game to it's conclusion or even offering some respect and resigning they just left the game leaving me to claim a 'default' win :(

So depressing when as a low rated player you play a good game and earn a win to be disrespected with your opponent just leaving the game :(

Block them. This particular user looks like a particularly frequent offender judging by their profile. I wish "filter by game completion rate" was a thing.

I couldn't agree more. Some people are just without manners.

That's worst kind of players you can find here. All you can do is report them for wasting your time.

So depressing.....

OK, great win, great playing, great sportsmanship......but don't worry for one second about something you can't control. depressing? the internet allows this as a possibility, and maybe he person he would just get up and walk out (probably not), so it's a possibility. no worries. anything is possible, so just play your game and control your side. imagine you have a son and this happened to him and he's super depressed, crying all the time (lol)..... as a dad what do you tell him?

you know how many times people quit on me after one move? sure it's a casual game, but still not very sportsmanship=like. maybe 100 times. or how many abort games? maybe 10 zillion.

anyhow, a win is a win.

@BisoMiso The game zone is not a haven for the mentally ill. And the site administration ultimately refuses those who abuse the ability to leave the game without announcing the Resign of the game.

Report him.