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  3. Opponent resigned in winning position -6

This doesn't happen very often for me. My opponent screwed up thinking he was losing, but I blundered with my last move 20. Rd1?? swinging the evaluation from +1 to -6.

Dont give up! :D

When I first saw this title I thought this was another case of sandbagging lol.
But I agree, never give up!

Never give up - play chess like spartacus

To be fair to your opponent It's not the most obvious win. It's a 5 minute game. And if black makes "nothing moves" that are not hard hitting then white has mate in 3. My guess is they only looked at maybe knight takes knight as a continuation forgetting that they have a bishop, or moving a rook to d8 to add defense to the knight. Both of which are way worse for black. If it were white to move then blacks position is bad enough to resign. Interesting position anyways.