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  3. opening trap i have just found in modern defense
it is nice i think, he just make an inaccurancy and found itself in trouble, than to lose a piece for a pawn, note that my next move has to be Bb2 and not c3xKd4 otherwise my rook is trapped too...hope you enjoyed...i have seen something similar once and so play the stranhe looking but correct 6 Nfd2...hope you enjoy it

Your engine found it?

Why is his account not labelled as a cheater when it says he was caught cheating?

He probably tried to look for the variant on the Analysis board, you know... I've had that happen to me once, realising that this is accounted as a Cheat no matter what you do on the Analysis Board I from that moment on refrained from doing so...

Is there any legit reason to have the analysis board active during a 5+4 Blitz game?

I have several analysis boards open at all times. I just don't interact with them while playing.

Hence the restriction to "active". Noone should have a problem with idle background tabs.

Well i have been kicked from a winning game for cheating cause my opponent decided to waste my time so i thought about doing some analysis meanwhile (on lichess lol).

Ofc now that i know it's cheating i wouldnt do it again but just saying people can do stupid mistakes.

Yes @ProfDrHack. During tournaments, it's interesting to analyse the just-happened games while keeping playing, especially in variants. Particularly against original openings in atom and 3+, or to think about middle game patterns in horde, or to find the mate you just missed in zh.

And 5+4 is way enough time to do that if you're a good blitzer or are paired vs a relatively weak/slow opponent.