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  3. One of my best sacrifices

I happened to play a very nice attacking game the other day, in a Petrov Defence with black.

I saw an interesting sacrifice to get the king out of his castle, but was not sure that it was correct.

In the game, my opponent allowed me to checkmate him very quickly (it seems he didn't calculate much).
In the analysis, I was proud and happy to see that my Nxg2 was the move chosen by Stockfish and that the game itself was flawless!

However, I frankly can't say it's my best game, because 1) my opponent played the opening very shily and 2) he didn't fight a lot once the attack was on.

With almost 8 minutes on his clock, in a tense situation, he thought just 1 minute before committing his final mistake. Anyway, it seemed that White was already lost even after Nf1 or Ng1 or Qe2, although I would have had to find the right moves.

On move 16, the idea Nxg2 already crossed my mind, but it was leading to nothing after Nxg2 Kxg2 Fh3 Kg3 and there is no way to continue the attack. So I played a "normal" developing move (Re8). On the next move, I thought that with the rook joining the attack on e4, which added the threat of Qf4+, I could go for it. And so I did. I was mostly afraid of his move 20. Nd5 (which covers f4 and threatens my queen) because of lines like 20... Qg6+ 21. Ng5 Rg4+ 22. Kf3 and I would have had no time to mess around because of the threat of Ne7+. But I thought there should be ways to fight on. But then, just when the Knight was actually about to land on d5, I saw that it was mate in 2. And that is what was played.

One of those games that give you a huge satisfaction!

Hope you enjoy it.

quite cute. Thanks for sharing :)

Crisp attack, all correct. It is not clear where white went wrong. I presume 10 c3 is the culprit and should have been 10 Bf1. After 10...Nxe2+ white is weak on the white squares, which you exploited beautifully with 17...Nxg2 and 18...Bh3+

I liked it, too. There are a few possibilites but this is my favorite line:

Awesome dude, high quality stuff!

... wow the captchas are getting complicated :D hope this wasn't my last post.

And people say the Petrov's defense is boring...

@tpr IMO, 5.d3 is already a bad move. At that point, just follow theory (5.Qe2 etc.). There was a beautiful Rapport-Wei Yi game in that line. And the real mistake is of course to push that pawn a second time ;-)

@Mollus Wow, nice variation!

@Irishman964 Well, Petrov Defense sometimes IS boring...

Hats off! I really enjoyed the game. Three cheers for pavlito83!
Here you are another knight sacrifice on g2:
If 15.Kxg2 then 15...Bh3+!! and checkmate in three moves.

Thank you Professor74! That is a very nice game. It's better otb, as always.

Nice games! Here was a nice blitz game of mine where the sacrifice was on f3 instead of g2.