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Tactics... Get an app on your phone called chess tactics pro, and do it over and over. There are also tactics on this website, just solve as many as you can. You are giving away stuff. Don’t. Stuff is good.

Put some devotion to chess. Look at me (:D) I jumped from a garbo 1200 to aroud 1700-1800+ in a little more than year. You have to play people better than you. Just playing more games will also help. The more you play, the better.

@Kusokosla I actually don't recommend apps/tactic training/etc. because they don't do much, at least for me.

Anyways, find a rival to spar with and beat. If you investigate, my sparring pardner is @PlexusQuartz. At the end of 2017, we were evenly matched (you could even say he was better) but now I am quite ahead with a record of like 160-100 or something.

Make chess something you learn with friends, not alone.

I think tactics is something you should spend time on. Not marry.. So maybe study tactics at the rate of about 5 per day. And get tactics that teach themes. I might recommend doing the book by Yasser Seirawan. Winning chess tactics. And then get simply a program like CT-Art. And work through it at a simple rate. 5-10 per day.

NoobBatter is pretty much correct. Find someone you can spar with and analyze with. The most important part of chess improvement is playing and deep analysis of your own games.

The thing about this game is, the ideas in here were kind of obvious. And looking at the moves from your first mistake is something that should be easily corrected. 5. .. Nxd8 is a simple tactical blunder that tactics programs don't address easily. And you should look at ways to address it. For example: Write a check list that includes blunder checking. And look at tactics that include the theme "overloading". Something as simple as 5. .. Kxd8 with the explanation, "Kxd8 is okay because without the queens on the board it might be difficult to attack the king in the center. And it doesn't lose material."7. .. Nf6 falls into a fork which he missed at first. And yes that is tactical, but if you do tactics like a woodpecker but never ask yourself to blunder check, it's probable you might never get passed missing this. I know low rated players that can obtain good results when puzzles are in front of them, but fail in practical play. This is thinking process that they are missing..

@FordCVPI You played a good game. But 47. Rxf7 was a horrific, unnecessary blunder. What on earth makes you play that? Not even under time pressure . (Okay I‘m sorry, no offence intended 😃)

@Roadto2_1k Considering you did play this out.. I also looked at 44. Rxh5. Could be more exciting? Maybe an engine can refute it..
You're right, that would've been better
(also I only took eleven seconds for the game above so don't be mad about some inaccuracies 😅)

Sometimes inaccuracies can teach. If it wins and shows technique right? ;-)