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  3. My most fun game in 2018

Black played Rh8-h6 and almost immediately the temptation for a queen sac was there. (3 0 game, 5-0-0, 10 acpl).


Nxd5!? was beautifully fancy

Nice start to the year @achja!
For my part, I played a speculative (but somewhat unsound) sacrifice in my first full game of 2018:

@FletchMK64 Beautiful checkmate!

@FletchMK64 #4
Very nice game ! It makes it look like chess is simple, just like in Petrosian and Fischer games.

@ibishop Thanks!
@achja Wow - that's high praise indeed! Not sure it's anywhere near fully warranted, but I'll take it!

@mrkint Very nice! Particularly the finish, but the whole game, ignoring material in favour of piece play, makes a good impression. Well played.
By no means a mistake-free game, but I ended up with the advantage. :P

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