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You played this too fast: 7 useless minutes left on your clock at the end, i.e. you played this 15+0 time control as if it were 7+0. You opponent made better use of his time: only 4 minutes left. So you gave your opponent time odds. With spending a little more of your 7 left minutes you might have found winning moves 34 Qc3+, or 37 Re3+.

Forget about the clock, play at a speed comfortable for you. Practice tactics and review attacking games and you will improve.

@jonesmh He plays the losing blunder 37 Qa2+?? in 4.2 seconds while he has 7 minutes on his clock. It is not that difficult to find the winning 37 Re3+.
Of course everybody can play whatever speed they feel comfortable with, but what is the point of playing a 15+0 game as if it were 7+0? If a person lacks the patience or stamina to play 15+0 and use all the time , then why not play 10+0 or 5+3 instead?

4.2 seconds is a lot of time. He played the blunder 7. Nd5 in 15 seconds, which would be your suggested time. You can't claim that every blunder is due to playing too fast, you have to admit that a blunder is due to lack of knowledge.
What is the point of playing a good game and blundering due to time pressure?
I don't know what you mean by lack of stamina has to do with moving fast. It seems that if stamina was the problem, that you should suggest a fitness program, as you said in another post, as suggested by Carlsen, Caruana, and other top GMs.

Exactly. E.g. 34 Qc5+?? was played after 67.9 seconds of thought, so that was a blunder from lack of understanding, not from lack of thought. The point is to move the queen to the long diagonal a1-h8, so as to continue Qd4+ and then capture Qxg7+ if the king retreats to the 7th rank. This is not that easy to see, but 67.9 seconds should suffice, so 34 Qc5+?? clearly is a blunder from lack of understanding and so yes, for that tactics training is adviced.

37 Re3+ is easier to see. The black king is in peril. Bringing an extra piece to the attack is logically better than just another queen check. 4.6 seconds may be a lot of time for an experienced player, but here it clearly was not enough. I guess the original poster would find Re3+ if the position were a tactics puzzle and he got 7 minutes to solve it.

I do not claim all blunders come from lack of thought. With beginning players most blunders however do. Most beginning players play too fast. We cannot be sure if it is lack of understanding unless they spend sufficient thought. Beginning players are often adviced to sit on their hands to avoid impulsive moving. Former World Champion Lasker also said: "When you see a good move, wait, do not play it, you might find a better one."

The root cause of playing too fast is probably impatience. For longer time controls it may also be stamina: the inability to maintain a deep level of concentration over a longer time of several hours, and yes, for that I recommend physical outdoor exercise.

37.a2+ ?? blunder
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