My game vs the actuall classical Champion on lichess!

Hi all,

i want to show you my game vs one of the strongest classical players here on!

at first, thank you to my opponent for giving me the opportunity to gain experience by playing him in longer time control. this is what its all about when an advanced player plays a master right? :)

However the reason why i lost is clear to me: white needs to play 52..Na7! because of Black threatens Na5! next move, hitting the g4 pawn AND being able to win a pawn by the fork on f3! By Knight to a7 i can put the king in check and force a draw therefore because the king needs to stay onto the knight since the king has an eye on the horse.

however i was in time trouble and also a bit nervous therefore, so.. it happens.

If you have any ideas how white can get probably a bit more out of this game than fighting for the draw (in a strategical sence), iam glad for the help :)

here is the game:

As a Nimzo/Larsen player, your position was pretty much the same as the ones i play (sometimes.) You Generally don't want to exchange your strong dark squared bishop for his inactive and weak bishop. The Nc5 move doesn't really do much for him anyways.

that was pretty good. i think 55...Kc4 might have been better than Nxc6 but i think either way you had to go further to stop his pawn than he had to go for yours. fun to watch though so thx

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