My first 0-0-0 game

Just want to share my happiness. I've done my first game with 0 blunders, 0 mistakes and 0 inaccuracies, 14 acl
It was classic game for black (15+15) against an opponent with a rating 100+ higher.

Well, I know that:
- it wasn't really perfect, some of my moves were very close to inaccuracies
- it was too short, I just didn’t have time to make mistakes
- nobody cares really )

But anyway I'm so glad to do it.
P.S. right after it I've played a non-rating blitz just for fun:
and it also has 0-0-0. So 2 in a row! I was on fire last evening :-D

I apologize for wasting a bit of your time, thanks for reading!

You're title can be interpreted as it was the first game where you castled queenside.

I've never gotten a 0-0-0, but I came real close (2-0-0) in a simul against FM littleplotkin yesterday. This was the 2nd round of the simuls he hosted and within 5 moves the board was already hyper. Fortunately, the board simplifed relatively quickly and I was able to use my time advantage better.

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